Sunday, February 22, 2004

Really enjoyed the Fiery Furnaces gig in Cardiff. The only problem with The Barfly, is that the stage is so low that it may as well be a hole in the ground. Consequently, in order to see anything you have to get yourself right to the front. Luckily RLF, Beren and I managed to do this. The rest of our little group stayed nearer the back and enjoyed the gig less than we did. The band was much nosier than I expected and a lot of the songs were quite different in the live setting, from their recorded versions. Lets hope they make it to Bristol next time.

Talking about music in Bristol, local improv, free rock/jazz kings Fuzz Against Junk finally have their self-titled album released via the eclectic Invada Rocks label. Anyone who has seen them in live action, will already expect the unexpected. I’ve seen them playing as 3 piece doing folky/blues instrumentals then sometimes they are a 6 or 7 piece outfit sounding more like a mixture of Sun Ra and Hawkwind. The record is full of great ideas, once these boys find a grove they really work it.

In a few hours we hope to go and see this. Should be interesting.

And yes City did make it 11 straight wins yesterday, it’s all getting rather strange! We really aren’t used to this sort of thing.


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