Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Our trip to The Field on Sunday evening was a pretty amazing experience. After parking the car, we had a 10-minute walk through the fields to the site of the installation. Here we found masses of fluorescent light tubes, set in rows underneath the main electricity pylons. Then we had to wait until darkness fell, it was absolutely freezing cold, on this very exposed hillside, and poor John and Jane had not bought hats with them (John did not even have gloves!). Eventually the daylight started to go and the tubes started to glow, purely from the electrical fall out from the cables overhead.

It was a strange and spooky experience, which was heightened, by the biting chill in the air, we prompted us to make our departure sooner rather than latter. You can see some pictures here, but they don’t really capture the strangeness of the evening. We rushed home for some hot alcohol to thaw out!


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