Thursday, September 16, 2004

Orynthia found out the other day that Norwegian wonder boy Sondre Lerche is playing in Cardiff this evening, so it’s time for a flying visit to my mothers homeland. It’s all going to be a bit of a dash, but he does make some very nice music and it’s a great chance to catch him in a (very) small venue.

Today was a rather sad day in the shop. RLF, Jay, Mark and I meet for the last time to do the final bit of painting, when we were done Mark thanked us for all our efforts and then gave us each an astounding gift and a farewell card. I don’t think that any of us knew what to say, I dropped RLF and Jay home and it was hugs and good wishes all round.

They have been lovely people to work with, I must admit that when I started I was slightly concerned that the other guys would think it a bit odd that an old timer like me had started working in a shop like Imperial, maybe they would think it was just Mark looking after a mate and that I would find myself in a slightly odd position. Of course, I had no reason to have those thoughts; part of the attraction of the job WAS the people who worked there already. I was also concerned that it could jeopardise the friendship I have with Mark. During our time in work the dynamic of our relationship would have to change, Mark had to be the boss and I was very much the new boy compared to RLF, Jay, Alex, Chris and Beren. I think it all went really well, I’m sure that with the exception of RLF (who is moving to London) I’ll see them all around. I certainly hope so. Sorry to wax so lyrical about it all but it was great to live out the teenagers dream job at the age of 42. You can see a nice piece on the shop here.


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