Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Well we had some very exciting news in Bristol yesterday, from May 20th next year Continental Airlines are going to be operating a direct flight between Bristol and New York!! We have already started looking at our finances and planning to take advantage of this new service. Hopefully a few people from New York will want to visit Bristol as well, maybe I could be some sort of tour guide for New Yorkers looking for real insight into the delights of Bristol. You know the sort of thing, how to avoid the late night beer monsters in the city centre taxi ranks, where to find the best Asian food, giving the low down on all the quirky little music venues we have......

Talking of quirky little music venues, tonight we are heading off to the basement of “Here” to one of RLF’s farewell gigs before he leave us to head back to London. He is playing 4 gigs, in 3 different venues around the Stokes Croft area. As well as this evening’s gig we are also going to his final big show on Saturday at the “The Croft”. It’s amazing, we have around 5 different options for really good things to do on Saturday evening, when normally Saturday turns out to be a bit of a stay at home sort of evening, with all our going out taking place during the week. On top of that it's open doors day and City are at home against Stockport, it's going to be a pretty busy day.


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