Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Well it’s been pretty hectic, since I last wrote a proper entry here. We caught a couple of contrasting gigs by RLF, firstly in intimate surroundings when he played with the wonderful Freeze Puppy at “Here”, then at the very busy, very hot “Croft” on Saturday evening. I guess it’s the last time for a while that we will see the magnificence of RLF in Bristol for a while as he is about to move away from the area. London, your gain is our loss.

I also managed to catch PJ Harvey in action on Sunday evening, she was great but was not so sure about some members of the band, as they appeared to more interested in throwing shapes than playing the right notes.

In the midst of all this activity the shop finally closed last Wednesday, so ever since then we have been clearing the place of any indication that we may have existed. Initially, this entailed breaking up the counter and removing everything from the walls and then yesterday we repainted the whole place, which was actually more fun than I thought it would be, not enough fun to think about making decorating a career option though.

I know that I mention the New Yorker magazine from time to time, but I just have to say it really is the best magazine I have ever read. The recent double size food issue was a wonderful case in point. Consistently fantastic writing about all manner of things pertaining to food made it an endlessly fascinating and informative read. The only problem is finding the time to read it, the latest issue dropped through the latter box this morning and I’ve haven’t started last weeks yet.

As BCFC were at home last Saturday, we only managed to catch 3 places on open doors day, before going to Ashton gate to see City thump Stockport 5-0! That’s 9 goals in the last two home games; it’s all really rather strange. Anyway this weekend we off going to London for open house weekend. We managed to get some bargain coach travel and will be staying with Orynthia’s auntie, so it should be a pretty cheap and interesting weekend. Any tips on good places to see will be much appreciated.


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