Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Since I last wrote we have had the last of the summer bank holiday breaks, whilst I have been working in the shop these have been even more lovely as my Fridays are spent at home anyway, this means that I have had a lot of 4 day weekends. Splendid!

As ever quite a lot of our time has been spent watching live music, on Friday afternoon I wandered into town for the free jazz in Queens Square. I meet up with Orynthia and Teresa and shared a couple of bottles of wine, whilst listening to the cream of the Bristol jazz scene playing for a few hours.

On Monday afternoon we had our second look at Wilma and their amusing take on the world of country music before heading up to The Downs to catch some of the music and food on offer at the Asian festival.

Last night was spent at the Polish club, watching the crazy vaudeville show provided by The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players. They are a real one off, presenting more of a “show” than a normal gig experience. I can really see why they were such a hit at the Edinburgh festival. Special mention also needs to be made of the support act, Bristol’s own Kid Carpet, who put on a hugely entertaining show using kids toys and cheesy samples, car boot fair pop is the only way I can describe it. If this tour comes anywhere near your town it’s well worth seeing.

What else.....well the shop is really looking very, very empty now. I’ll be surprised if we have any stock left after next weekend. People are still saying the nicest things to us and sometimes it does feel that we should be offering a counselling service to help them get over the devastation that our imminent departure is causing.

The big treat on bank holiday Monday, was seeing Bristol City finally win a league game this season. A spanking 4-1 victory over Brentford should be the catalyst to push up the league table.


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