Friday, November 19, 2004

Haven’t been at home much over recent days for various reasons. As practise for my new job (starts on December 6th), I’ve been doing more work for Oxfam. I need to be ready to work all day rather than 3 or 4 hours, so I’ve increased my hours in the shop.

Also been out every night this week – dancing lessons on Tuesday, Gravenhurst + Ian Green gig on Wednesday, food and late night shopping last night. Tonight we are off to see the wonderful Joanna Newsome at The Cube, then tomorrow it’s off to Devon to catch up with my folks down there.

Next week I’m in London for a couple of days for the much anticipated Tom Waits gig! I’m really looking forward to it, the latest album is just fantastic, one of his best in my opinion, the live reviews have been good, so everything looks to be in place for a memorable evening.

More exciting news of the music front, Nick Cave is playing a long overdue gig in Bristol next February. I saw him play at Trinty Hall around 25 years ago, isn’t that crazy, nearly 25 years, how old we all are!

He has never been back to Bristol since then, well not to play a gig anyway. There was a time when you would see Mr Cave around town due to his romantic connection with a certain performer who lived in the area. That was really weird, imagine trying to find a spare seat outside The Arnolfini and realising that the only one you can see is next to Nick Cave!


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