Friday, November 12, 2004

What a glorious morning, the November sunshine has me squinting to see the screen on the computer, the birds are flying around the garden, pecking busily at the berries and I’ve just enjoyed a long and leisurely breakfast of piping hot toast and Marmite whilst perusing The Guardian. I’ll miss all this when I go back to work in earnest!

As part of my plan to reintroduce myself to the proper world of work, I’ve upped my hours in Oxfam. Having not worked more that 3 days in a week for the past year, I thought I needed to get back into a routine before I start the new job. I’m also going have a few practise runs at the potentially tricky commute to work, nothing worse than turning up late and hassled on the first day.

We had a good day in the shop yesterday, over the past few weeks quite a few collectable records came in, mainly rock albums from the 1960’s + 70’s. My job is to identify the goodies, take them out of pile of everyday stock and then get our resident vinyl expert John Stapleton to cast a serious eye over them and give us a price guide. Yesterday we ended up with about 10 albums with a total price of around £140.00, when they sell (and they should) that’s a lot of money for Oxfam to use in a positive way.


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