Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So yesterday was quite an interesting day. 1 person kept his job, 1 person, just missed out on a new job and 1 person picked up a new job.

Obviously Mr Bush and Mr Kerry take care of the 1st couple of options, I’m pleased to say that the third role was filled by me!

That’s right my days of being a house-husband are numbered, it’s a bit of a shame as I have really enjoyed it, no doubt Mr Kerry will enjoy it as well. Quite a few of you will know that I was hopping to get a job in the library service, sadly the whole process just seamed to be moving too slowly so when I was often a worthwhile and interesting job (with good pay and perks as well), I decided to take it.

I’m going to work for a charitable organisation called Motability. They help to provide reasonably priced transport options for people with disabilities. After our experiences last year with Orynthia’s dad, I realised how debilitating the lack of transport that is under your control can be, it will nice to be able to help people to keep a degree of independence in their life.

Last night I managed to watch quite a bit of the US election coverage and found it to be a strangely bloodless affair. I guess that we are quite spoilt on election night over here; with literally hundreds off results flowing in for a number of hours it really keeps you on your toes. Few things are as much fun as watching the result being announced live, with the prospective candidates squirming behind the returning off icier.

All we had were projected results from each of the states, with hardly a sign of a politician all night. Just an endless procession of talking heads, most of whom appeared to be pollsters. So no gloating or embarrassed excuses, in short not half as much fun, I know that some pretty important issues for the whole world were at stake in this election, so it’s ability to make a middle aged man in Bristol chuckle in the small hours was not really that important, still I have to say that I was disappointed.

I have to say that I am stunned that people would have to wait for hours and hours to cast their vote. I don’t think that I have ever waited more that around 10 seconds, it’s amazing that people hung around. The other thing that seems really odd is the fact that by the time some people in the far western states go to vote, the outcome can already be decided. Obviously this is a simple problem of geography as America is such a huge country, with so many time zones. I just think that if I was voting I’d like to do so from the same position as the person casting the first vote. I know that this would mean that the result would not be known in America until a day later, but as the previous U.S. election proved, speed is not everything.


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