Friday, September 20, 2002

Another busy week draws to end, and here we are heading into late September and still having lovely summer days. Forgot to say in my last entry that we spent part of last Saturday doing a few f the buildings that were open as part of the open doors day. For those of you that don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you. Basically a lot of interesting buildings that you can only access if you work in (sometimes, live in) are open to the public. It’s a good chance to have a nose around all sorts of interesting places. It’s been going in Bristol for quite a few years, so we have seen most of the places that we want to. This year we limited ourselves to just 4 places, Royal Fort House, nice Georgian house, with crazy plasterwork and fantastic grounds. The Old Baptist College, only a small part of this Elizabethan style building was open, but they had some fantastic stained glass windows. Bristol Grammar school, mainly to see the imposing gothic great hall, as Orynthia pointed out "very Harry Potter / Hogwarts (is that right?) sort of hall. Then finally, The Georgian house, which is open all year round, but have not visited for many years.

This week we met up with our friend Jon Collins for another trip to the Cube. This time we saw a rather odd film called Christie Malry’s own double entry. We went mainly because the film is based on a story by B S Johnson , an experimental British writer that Jon bought to our attention a couple of weeks ago. The film had some interesting moments and Orynthia loved the soundtrack, which was written and performed by Luke Haines. It was a shame that we did not go last Friday as Mr Haines was performing some of the songs live as part of the evening’s entertainment.

On Wednesday, it was down to The Prom (after having some fine food from Burma and Laos in a new restaurant) to see the lovely Munter in action. It’s been over a year since we last saw them play and although the vocals got a bit lost at times, they are still a band that show real potential for great things. They play again in a couple of weeks, when a trumpeter will join them as well. Strangely at that gig, the DJ support is being provided by some guys that work in Orynthia’s office. More proof that everyone in Bristol knows everyone else. It really is just one big village.

By the way the Banana Yoshimoto book Goodbye Tsugumi was fab. If you don’t know her stuff, you should!


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