Friday, September 06, 2002

Last night we went to the newly re-opened Cube cinema , and the good news is that, it is fantastic. The new entrance means that they now have a beautiful little garden area where you can relax with a drink or piece of home made cake! Better still, you get a nice view of one of those New York style external iron fire escapes. You know the sort of thing, the good guy would jump out of the window onto to slatted iron balcony, before dashing to the drop down ladder at the end, to get to the next level, and so on for the next 7 or 8 floors until he hot foots it down the rubbish strewn back alley before the bad guys can catch him. I fully expect an interactive season of '70's cop films with the audience having to leg it as gunfire ring's out through the auditorium!

I have really missed the Cube during it's enforced absence, the breadth of it's programming its quite extraordinary. And the news that they are selling cake's as well just tops it off. When we were in New York at Xmas, I spent my 40th birthday in the splendid New York Film Forum , which is much bigger version of the Cube (but without the quirky music gigs), whilst there we able to enjoy the interesting home made cakes and drinks that they sold, which include that classic old New York treat of a chocolate Egg Cream . It's is very strangely named as it contains no Egg or Cream! Still it all helped to make the viewing of Dial M for Murder in 3D an even more memorable event. One of the great joys of New York to me, is the fact that you can see films from any era, in the way they were meant to seen rather than on video or DVD. If any of you are ever in New York (and as sensible intelligent people I'm sure that you all intend to be at some time), I really would recommend a visit the American Museum Of the Moving Image , I know its in Queens and that looks like it's a long way out of Manhattan, but the subway takes you real close! As well as being a fascinating museum it also shows an astounding array of old movies. When we were there we saw a bizarre version of Alice In wonderland from 1933 which featured Cary Grant as the Mock turtle, W C Fields as Humpty Dumpty and a hilarious Gary cooper as the White Knight. Guess what, they also have a nice cafe. It all comes back to food in the end!


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