Sunday, September 15, 2002

Well, the Elvis gig was great. He played for 2 1/4 hours , hardly pausing to draw breath between songs. Loads of the old hits, coupled with a healthy chunk of newer stuff, it all came to an end with a haunting and compelling version of "I want you". The gathered collection of balding heads and old bones, managed to last the pace surprisingly well.

Last night we had a very strange evening! Over the past few years we have developed a liking for that strangest of musical forms "Northern Soul". You know the thing great old soul records from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, which can only be classed as Northern Soul, if they completely failed to sell any copies at the time. Anyway last night we went down to the splendid Grand Atlantic Hotel in Weston Super Mare for our first full on Northern Soul night out. One of the other distinctive things about the scene is the highly individual dancing style that has grown up alongside the music. In it’s earlier years when most of the following were of younger years than they are now, this would include lots of spins, high kicks and splits. Sadly Most of the crowd that were out last night have left those days far behind, we did catch a few whirling dervish type spins and I did see one high kick out of the corner of my eye. In the main it was mainly lots of sliding rather than stepping, the speed and fluidity of which is greatly enhanced by the copious amounts of Talcum powder spread across the floor. A lot people turned up in regulation "60’s Mod type gear, I can’t recall the last time I saw so many people wearing suits whilst not being in work. The other odd thing is that people don’t really dance together, they are all off in their own little world as they wizz around the floor. The next one of these events is in December, I guess that we will be back for more having brushed up on our technique.

The Red’s continue to go from strength to strength, yesterday we manage to record our first goals and points away from home this season. A 3-2 win at Cheltenham Town, has taken us up to 2nd place in the league


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