Sunday, September 22, 2002

This evening we had one of the first signs of the impending autumn. It came in the form of a smell. Not a bonfire or the rich aroma of damp leaves slowly rotting on the grass. No, this was the true indication of chillier nights on the way, the smell of dust burning on a heater that has not been used for the past 6 months. Now anyone that knows us, will be aware of our fastidious approach to housework. We do make sure that it is done at least twice a year!

A strange coincidence occurred last week. I heard of two people who suffered from burglars breaking into their houses. Now this is both unfortunate and distressing, the strange thing is that in both cases the women of the house are pregnant. It makes me wonder if gangs of cat thief’s (on both occasions, the entry to the house was through a small window) are hanging around outside pre-natal clinics, waiting to follow the expectant mum’s to be, back to the home, in the hope that they will forget to shut a door or window due to hormonal changes taking place within their bodies. Forget stock market fraud, this is the true face of sophisticated crime. Then again, as I said at the start, I’m sure that it is just coincidence.

On Friday evening, we took our first trip for about a month down to The Croft to see John, Ian and Phil whipping up a storm at the latest Four Corner’s evening. Consequently, had a bit of a late night, so enjoyed a nice lie in on Saturday morning. Got up with just enough time left to have breakfast before heading off to Ashton Gate to see the reds in action against QPR. An exhilarating first half ended all square at 1-1. Tellingly we missed two very, very simple chances and lost both of strikers through injury in the later stages of the half. QPR started the second half in very determined mood, and with more than a little help from our unbalanced side, they stormed into a 3-1 lead. We never really got back in contention after that, so our 100% home record has gone. After 10 games we have won 5 and lost 5, looks like we could have another season when we are unable to take points from the top teams in the division.

Saturday evening, Ashton came over, then the 3 of us went into town to meet up with Mark and Bab’s for a quick drink and bit to eat. Then onto that most intimate of venues The Folk House, to see The latest version of Fuzz against Junk, a country band from London called Redlands Palomino Co and McDowell in action. All were enjoyable in different ways.

Whilst Ashton was here, we were able to show him our latest digital gadgets. Along with our Digital TV. converter, we recently picked up one of the first portable digital radios. It’s great, as well as being able to pick the often excellent BBC Radio 6, we can now pick up XFM the London based Indie station and BBC world service, plus a plethora of other stations which I have not really got my head around yet. Anyway, we got a call from Ashton to say that he went this afternoon and bought one of the Digital TV box’s. We should be on commission!


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