Thursday, January 23, 2003

Busy few days coming up. I’m off to London tomorrow afternoon, for a work related trip. The customer that we look after is putting a few of
us up in a swanky hotel and BT are giving us a meal in the BT tower. Not sure if the restaurant still revolves, I hope so, watching London at night from one of the highest points in the city should be pretty good.

No time to lounge around the next morning, I’m booked on the 10:15 train to ensure that I get back in time for City’s match against Stockport. It will be Steve Vowles last City match before he heads off to his new life in Madrid. Pretty weird, Steve has been going to games for more years than he would care to think about. I guess he will make it back for occasional games when he visits Bristol, but it’s a strong link to break. Then on Saturday evening it’s down to The Bell as friends from many years meet up to say farewell. Sunday is my nephew’s 21st birthday. He is in hospital at the moment, so that will be a pretty strange day. I remember that when I was 21 I really did not what any fuss made about and was determined that I was not going to have a big party or any expensive gifts. It was just another birthday to me. In hindsight, maybe that was a bit mean on my parents. It’s a pretty big milestone for them, and maybe I should have let them mark it.


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