Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Well I just got back from seeing Orynthia’s dad in hospital and he’s doing fine. Looks like it could be in for about 2 weeks, so that can really try to work out what is causing the problems with his legs.

Forgot to mention that we were chatting to Delge (3D) from Massive Attack in the pub before the match on Saturday and he said that they will playing a big open air gig in Queens square, in the middle of Bristol in August. I’ve not heard anything off the new album yet, but people who have tell me that it’s one that you need to work at a bit. Mind you Mezzanine was a bit like that as well, so we will just have to give it a few plays.

Our football last night was really hard work, as well as being pretty cold, it poured with rain for the first 30 minutes and generally blew a gale for the whole match. We still managed to have a laugh as we ran around like headless chickens.

The only thing that I’ve managed to listen to over the past couple of days is the new mini album by The Raveonettes – Whip It On. Not managed to hear the whole thing yet, but it’s pretty good fun.


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