Friday, January 17, 2003

Well it’s been a pretty busy week. It’s strange but although I was only away for one night with my training course, the whole week has really flown past. Last night we went to see the latest Harry Potter film. Orynthia is a big fan of the books and she really enjoyed the first film. I must admit that I am not much of a fan of “fantasy” films and to my shame I actually fell asleep when we saw the first H.P. film! Almost managed to stay awake for the whole duration of the last nights show. Orynthia loved it, and I always enjoy watching the way she jumps about at all the sudden scary moments in this sort of film.

I have just watched a short programme on channel 4, where a girl from London wanted to try to prove the six degree’s of separation theory. You know, the idea that anyone in the world can be connected to anyone else through just 6 people. It’s a game we often play with famous people; this girl set herself a really tough task. The person that she had to meet was a nomadic Mongolian horseman. Pretty tough! In the end, it actually took 9 links before she meet the bemused Mongolian miles from anywhere.

Tonight we are heading down to Bristol’s home of 60’s soul and boogaloo. It’s “Four Corners” night at the croft. Lets see if our old friends John, Ian and Phil can get us shaking a tail feather or two.

After weeks of thought I finally bought a ticket to see Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Jazz Ensemble at the Colston Hall next Tuesday. It’s £25 for the ticket, but I guess it could be the only time that Wynton comes to town, so my friend Steve and I figured we should take this opportunity to see one of the major figures of the current jazz world. Luckily our friend Jon works in the box office at the Colston Hall, so we have some excellent seats. The timing is unfortunate though, Tuesday is Bab’s birthday so I’m missing out on a meal at the glorious Hotel Du Vin, no doubt Orynthia (who loathes jazz) will give me the full rundown of the fine food that I missed out on.

Not had a chance to listen to much music this week. Mainly Mercury Rev – Deserter’s songs, Velvet Underground – Box Set and Roddy Frame – Surf.


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