Saturday, March 22, 2003

Had a lovely day in sunny South Wales yesterday. Unfortunately returned home just in time to watch the frightening scenes unfolding in Baghdad. I notice that Where is Raed? has not been updated in a while, I hope that this is just down to a loss of power or communication lines.

The McDowell gig was a strange affair. I really like this band; I just wish that people would actually listen to them, rather than just using the gigs as an opportunity to pay money to go and have a very loud conversation. They are a pretty quiet band, so the constant buzz of chatter can really irate. All the bands new songs sound splendid, I really hope that they can find their niche.

Thanks to John and Jane, it looks like we have a couple of guest list places for the intriguing Ladytron at the Anson Rooms tonight. I have not heard too much stuff from them, but I have liked what I’ve heard. They are another of the wave of electro bands that seem to be sweeping the nation, although in fairness to them they have been doing it for a little while.

I’m off to have some breakfast now. Somehow, I don’t think that our breakfast will be able to compare to the one enjoyed by my blog buddy Pete in Australia! Toast and Marmite for me.


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