Monday, March 24, 2003

What a glorious weekend we had. The weather was even good enough for me to do the thing that every Englishman loves to do on a sunny afternoon – Cut the lawn! I know it’s very sad, but the first lawn trimming of the year is one of those benchmark’s that define the start of spring. Whilst I was doing that Orynthia went out for a ride on her bike, another sure sign that spring is here. It may seem odd to some of you, but I must admit that I have never learnt how to ride a bike. We well remember how shocked our Aussie relatives were when they found out that I could not ride a bike, could not swim and worst of all did not drink beer! Strewth, they said or maybe it was something a little stronger?

I have to say that I really enjoyed the Ladytron gig on Saturday. It's strange that when I was younger synth bands appeared to be the music of the future. Certainly, I remember seeing the wonderful Kraftwerk in action when they had the robot mannequins with them and thinking that that was the way music would be in the next century. So it’s odd that music, which was futuristic, now has a slightly retro feel to it. The band all looked very good in their matching unisex outfits, swaying behind banks of keyboards.

I’ve managed to make some practical use of my time off today (unusually for me). An old footballing acquaintance came round to look at our leaky roof. It’s only been leaking for a couple of years; we didn’t want to rush into anything you understand, and after all the rain was conveniently leaking into the shower cubicle!


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