Friday, March 21, 2003

So here I am with 4 days off work! Today I’m taking my sister and one of her sons, Craig over to South Wales to see our auntie in Pontypridd. Lets see if it will rain in Pontypridd again today, as it always seems to! This evening, it’s off to the hospital to Don ad he continues to make steady progress after his operations. Then we are going to see the lovely McDowell in action The Folkhouse. They are one of Orynthia’s favourite local bands and are capable of hitting beautiful heights.

On Saturday, I think that we are going to be doing a brief bit of pre holiday shopping. Petunia, who will be joining us in Paris, flew of to Egypt yesterday on an amazing deal. A week in a 5 start hotel and return flights for £199! When she gets back to Bristol, she has a day to get used to being back in Europe before heading out to France with Simon to catch up with us. How jet set!


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