Sunday, March 02, 2003

Well the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s certainly rocked last night. After the slightly disappointing 2nd EP, I was not sure if they were a bit of a flash in the pan. Initially I was a bit concerned that they used tapes and loops to provide additional backing, I really like to see a whole band of people up on stage, struggling with their equipment, rather than pressing a button, and coasting along on the results. I have to say that the shear energy of the band won me over, Karen O is a star and the guitar playing of Nick Zinger was splendidly angular and spiky. Do they have the songs to make this more than a quick bit of fun? We will just have to see what the album is like, when it comes out in a few weeks time. Support came from dreary Canadians The Still’s and Novelty fat man, mulleted would be sex god Har Mar Superstar. Funny for the first 5 minutes and then so awful that it became a bit of a car crash performance. You know the sort of thing, absolutely dreadful but you can’t take your eyes of it. He ended his performance wearing only his underwear, most of the crowd loved it, which was a shame, because for me, the funniest bits came when he was dealing the one heckler brave enough to take him on. Maybe the whole joke would work better with a crowd that did not lap it up so willingly.

City managed another win yesterday, 3-1 against lowly Cheltenham Town. We are still in 5th place in the league, and have a big few days ahead of us. On Tuesday night we are at home to 4th placed Oldham and then on Saturday we are away at 6th placed QPR. So by next Saturday evening we should have a much better idea of our promotion credentials.

On Wednesday evening we are of to see one of Orynthia’s current favourites, Richard Hawley at the Fleece. Sometimes guitarist with Pulp and former member of The Longpigs, he is starting to make a bit of a name for himself with his gently brooding yet melodic pop gems.


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