Thursday, March 27, 2003

Well it’s almost time for our trip to Paris. We are out tomorrow evening so, tonight we will be finalising our packing, in readiness for the flight on Saturday.

Any one interested in hearing something unexpected should take a look at Tally Ho Sulky. 5 red panda’s is organising a swap of mix tapes. Why not join in the fun?

I finished reading Under The Frog by Tibor Fischer, what a great book. It’s a very funny and also very sad look at life in post war Hungary. Following on from that I’ve decided to take another of Bill’s tips away on holiday with me, The Master And The Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov keeps my Soviet controlled theme going. Completed in 1940, it was not published in his native Russia until the mid 1960’s. First impressions are of a curious mixture of surrealism and the bible as the split time frame novel leads us on a pretty freewheeling path.


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