Sunday, May 11, 2003

On the way to visit Orynthia’s dad in hospital on Friday Night, we came across a very strange site. In the dock area, opposite Severnshed and The Riverstation, is a small building, which has been completely covered with pages from the Times Educational Supplement from 1961! Every part of the building is covered, the light outside the door, the step, the windows, everything! It’s makes for some fascinating reading, but what is it all about? I guess that it’s some sort of artwork, but we could not find anyone’s name on this most intriguing piece. On the way home we stopped for a delightful Japanese meal at Azuma on The Triangle.

Saturday was set aside for gentle shopping, we went to a weekly garage sale, which is held just off Picton Street. The flyer promised all manner of 50’s furniture, but in truth the stuff on display was disappointing, in fact we had seen most of it at Redland fair last weekend, after heading up to Park Street we picked up a few CD’s. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs album and the new EP from The Tindersticks for me. The new CD from the splendidly talented (The Real) Tuesday Weld, for those that don’t know (The Real) Tuesday Weld I would describe it as a mixture between, The Magnetic Fields and Mr Scruff, it’s great. Orynthia also became very excited, when she spotted an album by The All Girl Summer Fun Band, a rare sighting indeed in this country.

Saturday evening was spent at Blowpop. Thanks to the generosity of our friend John Stapleton we managed to get a blag to the latest Blowpop extravaganza. And a top line up it was, when we arrived DJ Format was entertaining the huge crowd. Later on the laid back hip-hop of Ugly Duckling provoked a great response from the grooving masses. This was all in preparation for the latest visit to Bristol of that San Francisco phenomenon Breakestra. They did not come on until about 1:15 in the morning, so good as they were, I must admit that we did not last for the whole of their set. On the Gawker front, Roni Size and DJ Krust from Full Cyle were checking out the show.


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