Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Well the sun shone, long and strong at Redland Fair, making for a very enjoyable afternoon. We picked up a couple of great 50’s serving dishes (matching a gravy boat which we got last year) along with a brilliant 5o’s tablecloth. I also picked up a couple of hefty books of short stories by authors that I have been meaning to get acquainted with, John Cheever and Raymond Carver. We also had a game of lawn bowls with Kevin and his daughter Libby. With only the smallest amount of help from the legendary Albert, our coach for the afternoon, we all managed to win one end each. So every one left happy. On the Gawker front, a couple of sightings, once again Adrian Utley was out and about along with another Redland fair regular, Stan Cullimore. The former guitarist with top 80’s jangly guitar fav’s The Housemartins, is now as everyone knows a pretty successful author of children’s books. More strangely his also wrights the scripts for the Basil Brush!

Yesterday Bristol City managed to confuse and upset most of the fans in the run up to the playoff games. I left work early and managed to get to the ground by 4pm, as the box office was open until 7pm I thought that this would allow plenty of time to buy the ticket. However, as I walked into the ground, I saw a long queue stretching out in front of m. When I tried to attach myself to the end of the queue I was told that no one else was allowed to join as they anticipated that they already had enough people in the queue to take them up to 7pm. So today I spent nearly 3 hours in a phone queue , before eventually getting through, allegedly the ticket is in the post. Lets hope so!


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