Monday, May 05, 2003

So City did end up in 3rd place in the league, which means we have to play Cardiff over 2 legs to earn a place in the play off final, which strangely will take place in Cardiff itself. I’m a bit annoyed with Mr Rupert Murdoch and all those people at Sky TV. They have decided that the2nd leg of the match is worthy of national TV coverage, so the game is being played next Tuesday rather than the original date of next Wednesday. Ordinarily that would not be a problem, however we have tickets to Evan Dando on the Tuesday night! Football normally wins in these situations and certainly I can’t imagine missing a match of this importance, so I’m going to have to miss out on Mr Dando. We saw him when we were in New York the Xmas before last and he was great. After the embarrassment of final Lemonheads gig which we saw, it was a joy to see him back on top form, even if he had gone for the long hair, big beard, wish I was in The Grateful Dead look. I have also been enjoying the new album a lot, but hey being a football fan is akin to have an addiction and I just can’t miss out on the biggest game of the season so far.

The Spike Island show yesterday was great fun, lots and lots of interesting stuff. Some brilliant sculpture and the shock of seeing the biggest live snail I have ever seen! It was a very social occasion and the time between 1pm and 6pm just flew past.

After reading celeb spotting updates for New York on Gawker I though I did do a brief rundown of recent minor celebs that we have spotted in Bristol!

At the Calexico gig, former Bristol resident and still the owner of a fine West Country accent, Polly Harvey watched the gig from the side of the stage, before enjoying a chat with regular gig goer Portishead guitarist Adrian Utley.

Last Wednesday, former Dr Who and star of many TV shows and films Paul McGann spotted whistling loudly at Bristol Temple Meads railway station.

Yesterday at Spike Island, another viewing of man about town Adrian Utley. Also spotted Bansky, who was happy to show us his latest purchase from the show, a brilliant little book for only £3 by the very talented OTTO.

Will we see anymore at Redland fair this afternoon?


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