Saturday, May 31, 2003

A couple of my friends caught up with the latest bit of the Massive Attack European tour in Madrid on Thursday evening. Sounds like the gig was great and using that good old Bristol City football club connection, they managed to have a few drinks with the chaps after the gig. The band are really enjoying the tour, 3D was in a state of great excitement as he had meet the God like Ronaldo at a party the previous evening. They also said that when they play the big open air gig in Bristol at the end of August, they will be supported by Lupine Howl, De La Soul and pleasingly The Bees, hope that happens as The Bees are great.

Still on the music front, the line up for this years Glastonbury festival has been released, and for once I almost wish we were going. It features, The Flaming Lips, The Libertines, Interpol, The Thrills, The Rapture, The Raveonettes, Grandaddy, My morning Jacket, Calexico, John Cale, Kings of Leon, Radio 4, The Stands, Tricky, The Coral and The Delagados amongst many others. Then again 4 days on site with 150,000 people could be a bit much to take.

We are off to Devon today to catch up with my dad. The sun is shining looks like were in for another warm day.


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