Thursday, May 15, 2003

Well Bristol City won’t be getting promotion this season. The 0-0 home draw with Cardiff on Tuesday night meant that the 1-0 defeat in Cardiff the previous Saturday was enough to keep us in division 2 for another season. No complaints really, on Tuesday Cardiff defended really well, so even though we had almost all the possession in the 2nd half, we seldom looked like getting a goal. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Whilst I was at the match, Orynthia was watching Evan Dando in action and very good he was by all accounts.

We have arranged a trip to London to see the Art Deco Exhibition at the V&A at the end of the month. From all that we have read and seen on TV the exhibition looks fantastic; one of the reasons that we love Paris and New York is that is gives us the chance to see so many great Art Deco buildings. We are going up on the train with a few friends; it should be a spectacular day.

Had a bit a shock in work yesterday, when we found out that one of the guys we deal with was the original (but short lived) drummer alongside the inspirational Pete Wylie, in the great Wah! Heat . He even co-wrote one of my favourite songs of all time, the epic “Some say”. How on earth did he end up working with us?


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