Thursday, April 14, 2005

A busy weekend awaits us, starting on Friday evening at Evil Kitty. It's the 2nd night for the latest club venture from our friends John Stapleton and Ian Green (and another lovely chap who's name escapes me!). It's taking place at The Arc bar, one of the nicest city centre venues and with the special guest being Andy Votel of Twisted Nerve fame, so I'm sure that we're in for a good evening.

On Saturday, I'm off to see City play Wrexham, in what now look like a pointless game for us, although it could be a vital one for Wrexham and they strive to avoid relegation. Then on Saturday evening we are off to The Cube. One of our favourite local musicians Freeze Puppy, is launching his album by playing a gig with a few friends. My old Imperial college RLF is returning from London to DJ at the event, so it should be a top night. It's difficult to describe the music which Mr Freeze Puppy makes, it's unique and really rather wonderful.

I'm going to spend most of Sunday emptying out the kitchen, as we are having some work done next week, which includes replacing the existing ceiling. It's sure to be a messy experience, thankfully my lack of DIY expertise means that I won't actually be doing the work, it's in the safe hands of our friend Matt.


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