Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The end of the book. I just finished reading The Victim by Saul Below, however it's not just me that's finished the book, no one will ever get to read this particular book again. It was a recent 2nd hand purchase for the princely sum of £2.00 and I enjoyed the book, so I certainly got value for money.

The only problem was that, many other people had evidently enjoyed the book as well. Consequently, chunks it were drifting away from the binding, like leaves from a tree on a blustery autumn day. So that's it, it will have to be thrown away, which makes me kind of sad. I have no doubt that there are already plenty of books, hanging around in our house which will never be read again, yet they can quite happily sit on our shelves in the hope that either one of us will read them,  they might be leant to a friend (never to be seen again!) or taken to a charity shop.

This one is different, who knows how many pairs of hand it has passed through? Sadly the end is here.

I've started to read my next one, it's a lovely new book which hopefully has many yeas of being read in front of it - Strangers by Taichi Yamada.

On Sunday we went to The Coral and they really were great. My friend Geoff has been working with them over the last year or so, consequently I've seen them around quite a bit. They came into Imperial on a couple of occasions when I was working there and of course they played the Tsunami benefit gig's a few months ago. On Sunday they played a really good mixture of old and new songs, which went down a storm with the capacity crowd. Their new single is stupidly catchy, should be a huge hit for them.


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