Sunday, April 17, 2005

In our weekend battle of the canine against the feline, I have to say that the canine came out on top, with Freeze Puppy trumping Evil Kitty, when it came to the most entertaining night out.

We had a fine time at Evil Kitty, but did not do as much dancing as we had hoped too. Top marks on the DJ front went to Andy Jenks of Alpha, who played a great selection of tunes in the upstairs bar.

Saturday night at The Cube was most entertaining. A lovely set from Francois and his band set the tone for the evening, this was followed by the very entertaining idea of videos being shown of 5 different local performers doing versions of freeze Puppy songs. Some very entertaining and curious stuff here, my favourite being Team Bricks, crazed looped vocal take on one of the puppies songs.

Then the man himself, who produced another wide ranging show of musical delights. No two songs in the same genre, this guy really is a unique performer. The fact that cakes were handed to the audience during the set obviously helped as well!

In the bar afterwards, RLF played a great set of 60’s classics to get us dancing more than we had done on Friday. Lots of friendly faces were about, making it a top night.


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