Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Books and records all over the place at the moment, after fighting off the thought for many years we have finally decided to replace the carpet in our back bedroom. The room is actually used as more of an upstairs sitting room, as that is where the Mac's and aforementioned goods live.

The carpet has been on poor side of threadbare for a number of years, but the judicious placement of various rugs has helped us to delay the inevitable. We started moving things out on Sunday and it went rather well, the only problem being the break up of all those years of placing records in a careful alphabetical order. What fun awaits us, when it comes to restacking the shelves, do we change the system? For years albums and 12" singles have been kept firmly segregated, but why? CD singles and albums happily co-exist so why not 12" slabs of vinyl? What long forgotten gems will re-emerge after years in the wilderness, then again I'm sure that masses of very embarrassing '80's nonsense will leap out at me.

Talking of music, this Sunday will once again find me masquerading as a DJ at the latest Grumpy Man bash, once again it's at Mr Wolfs noodle bar, everyone is welcome.

Over the weekend we watched the fantastically stylish and wonderfully loopy French film 8 women. It was perfect viewing for a cold grey Saturday afternoon. The perfect snow bound country house murder mystery, populated by the most impossibly well dressed women and the occasional crazy musical interlude it made for great viewing.

After that we watched a very different, and very moving programme as Stephen Fry traced his family roots through the heart of one of the blackest periods of European history. On a couple of occasions it made for very painful yet also strangely hopeful viewing. The bleakness of his family story contrasted wonderfully with the amazing optimism of one of the people he came across, the one remaining Jewish person in a place in which he had previously been part of a thriving community. How splendid to be uncontaminated by all the hatred thrown at you, refusing to live your life in bitterness and spite. Truly inspirational!


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