Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Forgot to mention that we had a great meal at Junipers last week. I had a fantastic starter of Pheasant with Figs, sounds odd but was delicious. The rest was all fantastic, it really is a lovely place to eat. Better still we had 25% of the final bill thanks to our wonderful "Big fund raiser" discount book. If you live in Bristol and eat out more than, say twice a yeah, you really should get one of these books. The discount we received at Junipers means that our book has paid for it's self already,

Finished reading Saturday by Ian McEwan, an interesting and at time gripping account of one not so ordinary Saturday for one man.

Over recent weeks I've been enjoying lot's of interesting new albums, including work from Belle & Sebastian, Arctic Monkeys, Isobel Campbell, Elected President, Howie Beck, Paris Motel, Jens lekman, Mazarin. Also been enjoying a splendid bootleg mash up single which brings together ODB and The Specials to fine effect..

Unusually for us Bryan Munich were involved in a slightly contentious game of football this weekend. We were playing Redland Ramblers and went a goal down fairly early in the match. Not long afterwards one of our strikers saw his shot pushed onto the crossbar by the hand of a Rambler defender. The ref missed it, which was a shame, the defender refused to acknowledge what had taken place, which considering the nature of our "casual" league is unacceptable. It caused a level of bad feeling, which lead to several bookings and a few unpleasant moments. It's the first time that it's happened in one of our games and left a bit of a nasty taste. if people want to win at all costs that's fine, but they should go to a different league to do it.


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