Sunday, February 26, 2006

This weeks gigs were great, Wednesday evenings visit to Cardiff to see a very nervous looking Isobel Campbell was well worth the petrol money. The Point is a nice venue, perfect for the intimate music provided by Isobel and her friends. Eugene Kelly did well in the Mark Lanegan role; one of the highlights was a great version of “Love hurts”

Friday was just fantastic; I met up with Orynthia in Pieminister on Stokes Croft, could any evening have a better start? We then took the short walk to Francois’s, he had kindly invited us round for some pre gig entertainment, it wasn’t just us though, the first 10 ticket buyers were also there, along with most of the band and Traceyanne from Glasgow’s Camera Obscura, plus the splendid Tom (aka Freeze Puppy). So quite a houseful!

Francois played some songs on the piano, and then Freeze Puppy played several spellbinding numbers accompanied by his acoustic guitar. It was all rather magical, to heighten our sense of bemused wonder, we were then asked to take some home made apple tart round to The Cube. How strange to be walking through the so-called mean streets around Stokes Croft, worried that we may be mugged for fruit based dessert! Luckily we made the journey without any unwelcome interventions, successfully delivering the tart to staff at The Cube.

The gig itself was a triumph. Entertaining support came from Sleeping States (who were great) and Corey O’s (very enthusiastic and entertaining set).

Francois and Atlas Mountains started the gig with the now traditional walkabout, before settling onto to the stage and playing a gorgeous set, mainly focused on the new album “The people to forget”. It does seem as though Francois is incapable of writing a song without a simple yet captivating melody, the swoonsome arrangements for the 10-piece band are just superb. There was a brilliantly conceived video link up with masses of associated musicians and friends as Francois played along from the stage. It was clever, funny and touching the best use of video at gig I’ve seen since seeing Cornelius at The Thekla many, many years ago.

Quite simply a night with this lot is just the best fun in town at the moment. They have a self-effacing musical beauty which so refreshing, affecting without being precious, they provide a rare musical treat in these days of over stylised chart wannabe’s. Bristol is lucky to have them.


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