Friday, February 03, 2006

Phew rock ‘n’ roll frenzy, well not really but we have had an interesting couple of nights this week.

As mentioned previously Wednesday saw the long awaited Bristol debut of Belle & Sebastian. Stuart Murdoch told an interesting little story regarding a trip around the UK, which a few of them undertook about 8 years ago in an attempt to find interesting venues to play. Sadly when they reached Bristol it was a Sunday evening and apparently they struggled to find anywhere which was open, let alone interesting, so that’s why it’s taken them this long to make it here.

The gig itself was great, a nice mix of old and new. It’s amazing how many of the new songs sound like pop classics. That’s pop as old-fashioned hit singles of no particular genre, just good pop songs. Some spellbinding moments with a few of the old songs, notably “Fox in the Snow” and “Judy and the dream of horses”

Memories of that wonderful night when we saw them at the Union Chapel in London in 1997 came flooding back. The confusion as people would jump up from the seats for the fast bits, before quickly sitting down again as the songs slowed. Making for a strange slow motion pogo effect. No such confusion this time around, everyone knows what those songs are about and can pace themselves accordingly.

Last night we went along to latest acoustic night to be organised by those nice people from Aspen Woods, they take place at Bar Unlimited and go under the header “Lost in The Woods”. So on a freezing cold night we took the short walk to Gloucester Road to be entertained by the excellent Katy Tucker and the interesting and unconventional Bij. The cosy environment was perfect for the intimate performances. The unconfirmed line up for the March event looks good as well, worth check out if you are free on March 16th.


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