Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Looking ahead somewhat, we have a great few days in store. Staring tonight with the Calexico gig, then we have another 3 day weekend to look forward to. On Saturday Bristol City are at home to Port Vale in the last regular league match of the season, although our defeat at Chesterfield last Saturday means that we have a least one more game to watch this season, as we strive to get obtain promotion, via the torturous play off's.

On Sunday we are going to visit the brilliant Spike Island, which is open over the whole of the long weekend. For those of you that don't know, Spike Island is an old Tea warehouse which has been converted into artists units. From memory about 150 different artists have units in the building, producing an incredible array of work. Sculpture, video, paintings, printmaking, photography, conceptual art it's all there. Normally it's a working building which the public don't really have access to, but from Friday to Monday the public take the chance to view the work and some cases buy it as well. Whilst being able to talk to the people who are producing the stuff as well. Our friend's Anna Oliver (see links) and her partner John Pym will both have work on display. It's a great place to meet up with friends and the hours just seem to disappear when you are in the midst of all this creative energy.

On bank holiday Monday, the people of Redland hope for a dry sunny day, as the annual Redland fair takes place on Redland Green, just around the corner from our house. It's nothing special really, just a collection of stalls selling everything from home cakes to old household bit's and pieces, plus the occasional treasure on the 2nd hand books and records front. Although it has to be said that our DJ friends John Stapleton and Ian Green have normally snaffled all the bargains and are seen wandering into the distance with pile of rare 7" singles and LP's. All the stalls are set up in the area around The lovely old Redland church. When the sun shines it's a pretty good place to be. We normally end up back at our place with a few friends, having the inevitable Thomas tea and cakes whilst we admire each others plunder from the afternoons bargain hunt.


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