Monday, April 14, 2003

What a great weekend! Started on Friday really when our upgrade to ADSL Broadband went amazingly smoothly. So now can actually watch music video's and listen to streaming radio without the gaps pauses and drop outs which we have become used to over the years.

On Saturday I watched a really entertaining game of football as Bristol City beat Mansfield 5-2. The win moves us up to 4th place in the league. Tomorrow we are away at 2nd placed Crewe and on the following Tuesday we are at home to 3rd placed Cardiff. So by next Wednesday we should have a pretty good idea if we have any chance of finishing in 2nd place and getting automatic promotion, or as I think is more likely we will end up somewhere between 3rd place and 6th place and will have to endure the nerve shredding play off's.

On Sunday afternoon we had an afternoon party to celebrate Orynthia's recent birthday. I took care of the house work, whilst Orynthia baked a multitude of splendid thing. A scrummy cheesecake, huge carrot cake covered in cream cheese icing, enough chocolate caramel slices to feed most of southern England a couple of loaves of bread! My main culinary contribution was the precision spearing together of cheese and pineapple chunks. Loads of our friends turned up and a small army of children set about the task of relocating our possession around the house. Gallons and gallons of tea were drunk along with the occasional glass of wine. Over the past couple of weeks Orynthia has put together a couple of tapes of her favourite songs from the soul and reggae of her youth to heyday of scratchy guitar indie heaven of the early 80's and onwards to the present day. All bases were covered and I'm sure that those tapes are going to be in pretty heavy rotation in the car for the next couple of months.

We are going to see Radio 4 and a couple of other bands at The Louisiana tonight. I think that it's going to pretty hot and sweaty!


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