Monday, April 21, 2003

Not too much going on here over the course of this long Easter Weekend. We have both been on the verge of going down with colds, so we decided to have a much rest as we could and just take things easy. Apart from yesterday, when we caught up with a lot of family, it worked out pretty well.

Bristol City picked up a couple of draws in the last 2 away games. Tomorrow night is the big game against Cardiff. If we win, we will go up to 3rd place in the league, if we loose, we will be in the last playoff place looking nervously over our shoulder at The team in 7th place. Games against Cardiff are always volatile affairs, so who knows what will happen?

I finally got round to finishing my mix tape for the tape swap being arranged by Tally Ho Sulky (see blog links), it should be winging it’s way to New York tomorrow. It’s a mixture of songs, spoken word, radio samples and all sorts of oddities. I can do a copy for anyone else that wants one, if you do a tape for me!

Orynthia has been working on a new website, which she hope to have up pretty soon. Not going to give away any more away, but once it is finished I’ll have a link to it.


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