Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Yeah City won 2-0 last night, so we are back up to 3rd place in the league with only 2 games left. We could still finish 2nd and claim one of the automatic promotion places, and we are now guaranteed a least a playoff place. It was a pretty tense game and to be honest Cardiff had the best of the 1st half, after the break, we played with a lot more pace and deserved the victory. My Friend Steve, who now lives in Madrid, had a text message advising him of the final score and he was so excited he called me at about 11pm to chat about the game, as no one else in Madrid would really share his enthusiasm for a lower level English team. Also pleased to say that there was no crowd trouble at the match at all (from what I saw anyway). The fixture has seen some of the worst excesses of football hooliganism over recent years, and some of the games have been pretty horrible. Thankfully nothing of that nature occurred this time, although I may have injured my voice whilst shouting with joy, when the 2nd goal went in!


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