Saturday, April 26, 2003

We have had a very pleasant couple of days. On Thursday evening, we meet up after work and planned to have something to eat in Severnshed, however for some reason it was absolutely crammed full of people, so we popped next door to The Riverstation, to see Petunia and Simon, where we took advantage of the their early evening meal offer. I had a gorgeous meal of Skate wings with Capers. I’d forgotten how much I love Capers, that wonderful acidic zing really adds something to any fish dish. We then nipped over the river to see Orynthia’s dad as he has been moved back to the general hospital. He was in great spits, which was lovely to see.

Last night we went to The Croft, for John, Ian and Phil’s excellent Four Corners evening. Lots of our friends were about so we did more chatting than dancing on this occasion.

On Tuesday we are seeing Calexico, never seen them play live before. I’ve enjoyed the last couple of albums and am looking forward to seeing them. Once again quite a few friends are going so it should be a good night.


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