Monday, June 02, 2003

Had a really nice day at my dads place on Saturday. The only problem we had was the initial traffic hold up's on the motorway, luckily we had some fine CD's to listen to, namely; Belle & Sebastian - Storytelling (soundtrack), The Real Tuesday Weld - I Lucifer and Luna - Live, which combined to ease us through the jams. We set in the garden whilst enjoying a barbecue and we both joined the massed ranks of English people who are a bit on the lobster side of red, thanks to the glorious sunshine.

Sunday was a mixture of gardening, housework and relaxing which was only spoilt when we were listening the news on BBC World service and heard of further problems in Burma, It's so sad that the only time we hear anything about Burma is when there are problems. Maybe one day a peaceful solution can be found, let's hope so.


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