Thursday, June 19, 2003

I was very sad to hear today, of the death of Jimmy Knepper. He was a jazz trombonist and came to my attention due to his outstanding work, with the maverick Charles Mingus in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I first started to listen to jazz, indeed all music because of my father. I never made much of a connection with my dad’s Dixieland records, but when I heard the music of Mingus, John Coltrane and Miles Davis I was hooked. To me one of the highpoints of their work together is brilliant track called Haitian Fight Song from the album The Clown. It really drives along, my old vinyl version is still one of my favourite records.

Better news today was that Zaha Hadid has actually managed to get a large building built. One of the most intriguing architects in the world, she has been bedevilled by endless setbacks as projects around the world have failed to become actual buildings. Credit then to people in charge of The Rosenthal Center of Contemporary Art in Cincinnati for going the distance. Lets hope it’s the first of many.

The Lloyd Cole gig the other evening was lovely. Quiet, refined and with a steely resolve underneath the apparent gentleness of the songs, the show was a delight. It was quite strange to walk past Lloyd Cole on Park Street as we dashed to see our friend Babs before the gig. We smiled to ourselves and let him pass without having to put up with any inane platitudes.

I was somewhat shocked yesterday, when I calculated that next week, will mark the 25th anniversary of me starting my first job! I well remember the excitement, when I received my first weekly (cash) pay packet of £24! How on earth would I manage to spend all that money? I know that some of the people that contribute to this blog with their comments, were either very small children or not even born in 1978. Thanks for sticking with an old man!

At least I know that I'm well over 1/2 way through my working life. it's all down hill from here.


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