Monday, June 16, 2003

So, on Saturday we managed to buy an inflatable mattress in preparation for the Glastonbury trip. So at least we will have something comfortable to sleep on. If the weather remains as it is then the ground is going to absolutely rock hard.

The trip to Moles on Saturday night was interesting. We got there just as they were opening up, The main door was still locked, but another door was open and we could see a couple of guys walking around, so we wandered in, went to the bar and got some drinks and no-one asked us to pay the entrance fee! The gig itself was good, first up were The Bitter Springs, whose first couple of songs I liked but as their set drifted on, my interest drifted away. Next up were a band called The Loves, apparently they have been championed by John Peel of late, which is often a good sign. I really enjoyed their slightly chaotic set, sort of Belle & Sebastian meets the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, good fun. They have an album out later in the summer. Vic Goddard, was at his normal eccentric best. He emerged wearing the classic footwear in the Englishman in summer - sandals, with white socks, and clutching handfuls of paper with lyrics scrawled upon them. A set which ignored all the old Subway Sect classics was still very entertaining especially a little section of songs relating to that famous old English seaside resort, Blackpool.

Yesterday, on what may well have been the hottest day of the year, the Monday night football gang meet up for one of our occasional challenge matches. This time we ere pitted against some alleged hotshots from Clevedon. I say alleged, because we eventually ran out 6-2 winners. It was really hot work and playing in the noon day sun was a mad thing to do. Thankfully I managed not to make too much of a fool of myself.

Tonight we are off to see another blast from the past - Lloyd Cole, without his Commotions. Once again it's in the refined splendour of St Georges. So Lloyd and his guitar should sound lovely.


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