Sunday, June 08, 2003

Last night we went to see the wonderful Tindersticks at St Georges. They were on pretty good form, and the splendid acoustics of the hall really suited the gentle sound of the band. Moody melancholia was the order of the day, not that you would expect anything less from Nottingham’s finest. It was a bit of a trial for Orynthia as she could hardly be described as a fan of the band, I think that she enjoyed the support rather more, the intense and engaging songs of James Yorkstone were lovely.

After the gig we walked down to The Watershed, which was holding its 21st birthday party. Luckily for us John was DJ’ing so we managed to grab an invite to see Bristol’s media set enjoying themselves. It’s hard to imagine a time when The Watershed wasn’t part of the cultural landscape in Bristol. Over the last 2 decades and a bit we have seen so many great things there. Aside from all the non-Hollywood films, which we may have missed out on, we’ve also enjoyed lots of great comedy, literary events and music, a fantastic Jonathan Richman gig in the early 90’s being one of my favourite memories.

I am really enjoying the Raymond Carver short stories, what amazingly affecting tales they are. Bleak and uncompromising but utterly compelling.


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