Wednesday, June 25, 2003

No more work between here and Glastonbury! I’ve booked tomorrow off for last minute sorting out before the weekend fun begins. Top of the list is a good haircut. I’m long overdue for a cut and a weekend camping calls for hair that requires minimum attention, so off it comes!

Tomorrow is also Orynthia’s dad’s 75th birthday, so we are going across to see him in the hospital and hope to take him out for a bit of lunch if the weather is nice. He is in a wheelchair, so we will just push him down to one of the pubs or restaurants around the harbour.

We are aiming to leave at around 7am on Friday morning, to make the short journey south to Glastonbury. Things get underway around noon, but we are allowing lots of time for the inevitable traffic jams and of course we have to get our tent erected as soon as we can. As well as music, the festival features literarily thousands of other things to see and do. In fact one of the first things that we want to see in a documentary film called Jeremy Hardy Versus The Israeli Army It’s the sort of thing that sums Glastonbury up and what makes it different to any other festival. Although the main attraction for us is the music, many people will go and not see a band for the whole weekend, yet they will have a brilliant time, thanks to the huge array of diversions that are available to them. It’s fair to say that we are both getting pretty excited!


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