Saturday, June 14, 2003

Last night I enjoyed a study in contrasts. Headed out straight from work with current and past colleagues for a combined birthday/new job type, get together (not for me I hasten to add). Anyway we all met up in Revolution, a vodka bar in the heart of the high heels, short skirts, bad music, Friday night drinking part of town. It was good to catch up with some old mates but come 10pm I was starting to feel more and more out of place. The recent sunny weather meant that a lot of very red flesh was on display, time to say my farewells and take the 15 minute walk to The Cube.

Here former Blue Aeroplanes front man Gerard Langley was launching his new limited release CD of him reciting the poetry by the likes of Dylan Thomas, Pablo Neruda, And various luminaries from the beet generation. For this performance he was be backed by the ever expanding Fuzz Against Junk. I took refuge in the back of the auditorium alongside Orynthia, John, Jane and Teresa. Only caught the last 3 numbers and compared to dross that was being blasted at me earlier in the evening it sounded wonderful. On our way out we bumped into our friend Ian from F.A.J. who was delightedly telling us all that some of the obscure folk records he has recently sold on EBAY were being bought by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. Maybe a sign of a change of direction for the noisesome New Yorkers.

Tonight we’re heading to Moles in Bath to see an old hero from the glory days of 1976-77. Vic Goddard from the underrated Subway Sect.


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