Sunday, January 04, 2004

On Friday evening we bravely ventured off to The Cube to see the latest knock about from the Coen brothers, Intolerable Cruelty. I say bravely because at this time of year The Cube can be a rather daunting prospect.

We have no problem with their splendidly idiosyncratic programming, or the fact that you can take piece of home made cake or pleasant drink of Polish vodka into the auditorium with you. Nor do we mind the fact that it’s quite likely that the film could start much later than the advertised time (approx 15 minutes on Friday) for any number of strange reasons. In fact all of these things help to make The Cube the wonderful place that it is. No the problem is that winter visits to The Cube, can be similar to sitting in an igloo, wearing only your underwear. To be honest it can be absolutely freezing! Any way this time we decided to go prepared, so as well as coats, hats and gloves, Orynthia came up with the brilliant idea of taking a blanket as well. To be fait to the marvellous folk who run the place, the place was nowhere near as cold as it has been on previous visits (see January 8th2003), but it still gave us a toasty glow, as we snuggled under the blanket like a couple of pensioners on a daytrip to Weston Super Mare.

We really enjoyed the film, a classic screwball comedy, worthy of anything from the 1940’s heyday of that genre. George Clooney was just marvellous as the superbly slimy legal whiz, bought to his knees by the startling beauty of Catherine Zeta-Jones.

We spent yesterday with my dad and step mum, in the hospital in Taunton (thanks for the messages of good will), he was in good spirits. Tomorrow he undergoes the tests, which should give us an indication of the extent of the damage.


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