Thursday, January 22, 2004

So Orynthia’s dad has had most of his left leg removed. It’s strange though, at first this sounded like such terrible news, but last Friday we had a real scare because of the problems that the poisons in his leg were causing him. So, with hindsight getting the leg removed sounds like the better option, if it stops additional problems within his body. His brother is in the same hospital for an operation today, so at least we can visit both of them at the same time rather than dash from hospital to hospital.

On a much less serious point, I managed to make quite a fool of myself in the shop yesterday. Jumping up from the lower levels of our CD racks, I managed to smash my forehead into one of the (actually pretty thick) hard plastic dividers, which we use to separate the vinyl. Resulting in a pretty stupid looking red line across my forehead, looking like an unfinished mark of Zorro!

Only just over a week to go before our trip to Bilbao, we really need to get organised for that, it’s creeping up on us very quickly.


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