Thursday, January 29, 2004

So after the biggest build up since the 3rd Oasis album, the snow finally reached us. In the same way that the record was such a disappointment, the expected blizzards failed to arrive. We had a brief spell of snow, which has now frozen solid on the ground leaving everything looking very slippery this morning. Indeed last night, we went straight to the hospital to see Orynthia’s dad and due to some complications which arose when we were there, we did not get home until 10pm, by which time the short walk from the car to front door of the house, had become a decidedly tricky operation.

Bristol City managed another win on Tuesday evening, so that makes it 7 straight victories now. We are only 2 points off the second promotion place, so who knows, maybe this season it may all come good for us. Certainly we have the most balanced team and squad that I have seen at Ashton Gate for many seasons.

In the wonderful world of Imperial Music everything has gone very Ninja! No, we are not leaping around drop kicking customers away from the counter, the Ninja Tunes record label is having a big promotional push at the moment and we been selling loads of their stuff. The likes of DJ Food, Amon Tobin, Cinematic Orchestra and Mr Scruff amongst others have been flying out of the shop, Indeed towards the end of business on Monday, one guy spent over £100 pounds on Ninja stuff, when you consider that these CD’s are selling for £4.99 to £6.99 you can imagine what a huge pile he came to the counter with.


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