Sunday, January 25, 2004

Wow the Camera Obscura gig sure was packed! I’ve never seen so many people in The Cube. A top night though, really enjoyed Jessie’s latest Morning Star line up, in their role as support band. Camera Obscura were great, even if they did have a few problems remembering the words!

Football dominates the start of the week for me, playing on Monday evening and all the weather forecasts seem to thing that it’s going to absolutely freezing! Then on Tuesday City are home against Colchester, bizarrely City have managed to win their last 6 games, amazing when you consider that normally we are lucky to pick up 6 points in the whole month.

Last night we watched the splendid Man Without A Past on BBC4, quirky and understated we both enjoyed it greatly. We also watched the documentary film Etre et Avoir, which was mildly diverting but no more than that. Still it’s great to see this sort of films on TV.


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