Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Another little joy, which I have encountered since starting work at Imperial Music, is the lunchtime treats offered by the café within The Folk House. Unlike some of the trendier places around there, you can nearly always get a seat and the food comes quickly and cheaply.

The highlight is the magnificent apple crumble, which they serve a couple of times a week. As those that know me, will be aware, I am a real sucker for traditional English puds, so I was delighted to find this brilliant crumble. As with all great crumbles the secret is to have lots and lots crumble, with only a small amount of fruit. Served with lashings of hot custard, it truly is a wonderful thing.

Of course I really am lucky because Orynthia probably makes the best crumble in the world!

Lot’s of choices for gigs this week, not sure what we will actually end up going to. The only one that is certain is our trip to London on Friday to see Trashcan Sinatras and Camera Obscura. On Friday lunchtime, we are taking Orynthia’s mum to the lovely Red Snapper restaurant, in order to celebrate her 70th birthday. So Friday should be a pretty good day.


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