Sunday, March 14, 2004

Well as expected Friday was really kind of fab. Before our lovely lunchtime meal at Red Snapper, I had my first look at the flat which Orynthia’s mum is hopping to move to and it perfect for our needs. We then had a great meal with Crescentia, Petunia and Orynthia’s mum before driving to London for the gig. Managed to park within 2 minutes walk of Bush Hall and after sitting in a very entertaining local pub, made the short journey to the surprisingly lovely rococo surroundings of Bush Hall for the gig. The Contra Band were funny and cute, Camera Obscura were wonderful and Trashcan Sinatra’s had some moments of astounding beauty. The journey home in the alternating thick fog and driving rain was less than pleasant.

A lazy Saturday was crowned with a gathering at our place for the “Stars in Their Eyes” grand final. Several friends came round for a lovely evening of camp performance and Whisky Mac’s. We had a sweepstake for the winner and Matt went home £10 ponds richer after “Paul Robesons” startling winning performance.


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